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Renewable Energy

The demand for green energy is growing at breakneck speed, making wind farms, run of river hydro and solar power the undisputed way of the future. Thanks to diminishing natural resources, environmental concerns and skyrocketing energy costs, all of us are starting to re-think how we use energy. Today’s visionary industry leaders have also jumped onto that bandwagon, they’re looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs too..

What it takes to develop a project


Environmental Permitting

Thinking of getting into renewable energy? Then brace yourself for a whole lot of tap dancing and red tape. You’ll be dealing with government and (sometimes resistant) community stakeholders. We also make easy work of negotiating complex regulatory protocols, spearheading local community issues and managing permits and approvals to help keep your project moving in the right direction: forward.


Stakeholder Engagement

Typical green energy projects involve a complex network of stakeholders. Getting buy-in from land owners, communities and government bodies who have different agendas can be challenging – to say the least. Our 70 years of building solid relationships have given us the chops to navigate different agendas and build relationships with stakeholders such as First Nations, public officials and opposing land owners. Our expertise gets you through the hoops faster, while considerably reducing the headache factor.



Renewable energy projects are complex. And that makes procurement challenging. You’ll need to secure land and permits, source construction and green energy equipment, find experienced suppliers. Not only that, you’ll need to generate and manage complex contracts that all parties will sign off on. At the end of the day, it’s all about building the support that’s essential for your project’s success.



Have a plan for a green energy project, but need capital to get it off the ground? Talk to us. We can provide financing between $5M and $50M. But that’s not all we can bring to the table. We also have a disciplined approach, deep expertise and solid partnerships to help make your project actually happen.



Construction comes with unexpected twists and turns. Without a team you can trust and people who share your values and goals, the ride can get real bumpy, real fast. We’ve spent decades understanding of how to manage risks during construction, and agility to resolve any unexpected challenges that may come up. Come on board with us, and you’ll get access to these virtuosos too.



Kudos on getting your green energy project up and running! Now you’ll need to oversee it to ensure that it continues to run smoothly. Being a watchdog isn’t your cup of tea? Then you’re in the right place. Our team specializes in managing solar projects, wind farms and run of river hydro projects for clients across North America and Europe, so that any potential problems are mitigated on their behalf. How’s that for easy?

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Projects take a long time to develop and sometimes you need extra help in time. money, know-how, or other resources to get to the finish line. 

We have helped others and can help you finish your project, no matter the stage you're in. Sometimes, it just takes a different approach. 


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