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Partnerships & Financing

Choosing the right partners

Partners are fundamental to our success. Some of our relationships have lasted many decades. This is a testament to our ability to communicate, select the right partners, cooperate with mutual benefit, consistently fulfill our roles and responsibilities, and navigate difficult situations with skill. We are independent thinkers with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. We try to see the situation from our partner’s perspective and believe perseverance is an important element of success..


Financing renewable energy projects is never a slam dunk. Small to medium size projects have difficulties attracting the attention of lenders. In addition, the high overhead fees for due diligence and onerous conditions imposed in a financing may make the transaction a non-starter. Traditional financing institutions are also extremely risk adverse and may not be willing to take on risks.

Our Solution

New lending model

Horizon Legacy, Green Energy, River Hydro, Solar Energy


Our company can provide or arrange financing for small to medium size projects requiring between $5-50M in investment.

This may entail aggregating multiple projects to reduce overhead fees, implementing non-traditional financing models, or project re-structuring the project to simplify the due diligence and transaction over head. 


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