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Maryvale Wind Farm

  • Category: Wind Power

  • Location: Note Scotia, Canada

  • Date started: 2010

  • Status: In Operation


If you’ve done business there, you’ll know that the people of Nova Scotia are just so down-to-earth, welcoming, and friendly. This was the case for the Maryvale wind farm, where the project was embraced wholeheartedly by the community and attracted a lot of attention when the large blades were being delivered.

Our operators have years of experience managing this project which is located in a part of Canada known for the frequency of extreme weather forecasts.

1. About
The Maryvale Wind Farm is located in Nova Scotia, Canada and uses four 1.5 MegaWatt Vensys V-77 wind turbines. The project is located on top of a mountain with a view to the Atlantic ocean.

2. Challenges

  • Meeting environmental obligations, including remediation work to an existing wetland

  • Working and constructing on a mountain, encountering difficult weather conditions

3. Outcome

The project created a local buzz upon completion and was very well received by the community. Local contractors were heavily involved in the construction and received many direct local benefits. Ongoing jobs were created and the operators of the wind farm live in the community. The project is meeting its estimated energy production and is helping Nova Scotia Power meet its renewable energy targets.

Ernestown Wind Park

Ernestown Wind Park

In the early 2000s, a prominent prominent local judge from the Kingston area, approached CEO Anthony Zwig with the idea of building a hospital as his lasting legacy for the community. The two two men quickly determined that a hospital wasn’t needed. The judge suggested they build a wind farm instead. At the time, Anthony didn’t know much about renewable energy, but as a sailor, he knew the area had a lot of wind. He and his team began testing the wind quality of the site in 2004, and then they waited (and waited) for provincial policy to catch up with their vision.
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