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Parkinsons Foundation Support

Anthony Zwig makes donation to Parkinson Society of Canada. An article featuring our Chair, Anthony Zwig, was posted to Parkinson's Canada regarding a donation to the foundation.

"Tony’s mother lived with Parkinson’s until she passed away at the age of 88. She was also diagnosed with Lewy body dementia, a progressive dementia that leads to a decline in independent function. As Tony relates, the combination was challenging for his dad, who was one of the primary care partners for his mother at home.

Tony and his father were impressed by the Parkinson Canada workshop, but they were also moved by the experiences of the other care partners present. He and Thea noticed a remarkable change – Tony’s father, a private man, opened up to the idea of external help.

“I saw how this experience benefitted my dad, particularly being introduced to the idea that he had to also take care of himself,” says Tony. “That if he got sick, it wasn’t going to do my mother any good, so it was beneficial to take some breaks, some time away. It worked for him. And that is how I was introduced to Parkinson Canada.”

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