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Marco Polo Receives Site Plan Approval

Canada's first and largest 3D printed neighbourhood gets green light in Gananoque

Horizon Legacy Group has received approval from the Town of Gananoque to build Canada's first and largest 3D printed neighbourhood. Last night, in a unanimous vote, a Site Plan Approval was granted for 6 buildings with up to 4 to be built in the first phase. The project, two years in the making, represents the first step in using new construction technologies to solve the problem of affordable housing.

"Our community has voted unanimously to support this initiative because we embrace innovation and new ideas," says Ted Lojko, Mayor of Gananoque. "From day one, the Horizon team has been stellar to work with and answered all of our questions. We are satisfied that their plans will meet the requirements of our community," he says.

In addition to the technological and design solutions, the neighbourhood sets a new normal in building sustainability. Horizon Legacy Group is announcing that all buildings will use green energy for heating, cooling, and lighting; the majority of which will be powered by on-site renewable energy.

Each building is approximately 1400 sq feet with one bachelor, one 1 bedroom, and one 2 bedroom. The neighborhood will be owned by Horizon Legacy and made available as rental apartments.


The Marco Polo 100 Digital Build Challenge is an international technology

competition to solve affordable housing using new technologies and processes.

Horizon Legacy Group, backers of the competition, is investing up to $10M and

offering cash prizes and royalties to the winning submissions.

Known as Gateway to the 1000 Islands, Gananoque is a water-front community of

5000 people perfect for young families building their life and established families

looking for a safe, quiet place to downsize, work or play.


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