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The first and largest 3D printed neighborhood in Canada

The Horizon Legacy Group announces it will finance and build the first and largest 3D printed neighborhood in Canada, pioneering the use of robots and automation in multi-storey building construction. This project is born out of the Marco Polo 100 Digital Build Challenge, the biggest construction technology innovation project in North America.

On Wednesday, August 11, 2021, in an invitation only event, friends and family gathered to learn the winners of Stage 2. The winning teams are:

  • Scoolpt representing the Czech Republic

  • O-Cube, representing Canada

  • CyBe, representing the Netherlands

  • Hivetat, representing USA

  • Imprimere, representing Switzerland

  • UBB Chile, representing Chile

The Marco Polo 100 Challenge was created to solve the problem of affordable housing by asking participants to design a multi storey building for $100/sq ft using new technologies and processes. The Challenge is unique in that it brings innovative ideas into the real world by constructing a building that satisfies existing market and regulatory standards. In addition to cash prizes, the Sponsor is offering up to $10M in funding, land and experts to support the teams. In the next Stage, each team gets to work with an experienced team of architects, engineers, technology experts, and builder to fully develop their designs. Up to 6 unique buildings showcasing innovative construction technologies or processes will be built in Gananoque, Ontario.


  • The Marco Polo 100 Digital Build Challenge is a technology competition to solve affordable housing by building a multi-residential building for $100/sq feet using new technologies and processes. Horizon Legacy Group, backers of the competition, is investing up to $10M and offering cash prizes and royalties to the winning submissions.

  • The project will build the first 3D printed neighbourhood in Canada. The Sponsor Horizon Legacy Group is pioneering the use of robots and automation in construction.

  • Over 400 people from nearly 60 countries registered in Stage 1. Submissions were considered by a 12 member jury with expertise in construction, architecture, engineering, 3D printing, prefabrications, quantity surveying, and finance.

  • In Stage 3, up to 6 Small Buildings will be built in Gananoque, Ontario to demonstrate the technology concept. Known as Gateway to the 1000 Islands, this water-front community of 5000 people is perfect for young families building their life and established families looking for a safe, quiet place to downsize, work or play.


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