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The Brain Project Connection Support

The Chair of Horizon Legacy, Anthony Zwig, was featured in an article posted by the Baycrest Foundation for supporting the Brain Project at the Zwig Foundation Gallery.

"The Zwig children wanted to honour Helen and Walter, a successful Toronto real estate developer who passed away in 2017, by including the brain sculptures as part of their family’s art history. The family has also made significant donations to Baycrest in support of brain health and aging.

The Zwigs have supported Baycrest for more than 30 years. These include a major gift to help fund the development of The Virtual Brain, a unique, open-source modelling platform that captures intricate details of the brain’s structure and function through the collection of imaging data. It will help clinicians detect different types of dementia and brain diseases earlier, and give doctors the ability to test potential treatments before prescribing them to patients."


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