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Turn Key Solutions

Have a brilliant idea for a wind farm, run of river hydro or a solar energy project? Our experts have the know-how to take your renewable energy project from notes a laptop to windmills in the ground. Need help with environmental permits, difficult stakeholders, procuring your site, or managing construction and operations? Talk to us.


New technological breakthroughs in renewable energy are happening at breakneck speed. For an industry newbie, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Throw in the challenges of knowing how to steer a complex project through different stakeholders, and things get even stickier. That’s where we can help. We have the resources to get renewable energy projects off the ground– from providing the capital to get started, to stewarding your project from conception to completion.

Our Solution


Horizon Legacy, Green Energy, River Hydro, Solar Energy

Before embarking on a project, we conduct a preliminary analysis to determine if it is worthy of time and investment. We perform a preliminary resource analysis, create basic financial models, brainstorm potential challenges and roadblocks, identify and consult with potential stakeholders. If there are no show stoppers, the project can move on to the next phase.


Horizon Legacy, Green Energy, River Hydro, Solar Energy

In this stage, more detailed and specific information is gathered about the project. More resources are committed to develop the project timeline, detailed project requirements are outlined, budgets are developed. Any challenges identified earlier in the process are discussed and strategies are developed to address those challenges. Additional expertise may be brought in as needed. Finances and key personnel and resources are secured to enable the project to move to execution.


Horizon Legacy, Green Energy, River Hydro, Solar Energy

Once the project advances beyond the planning stage, we are committed to the project’s successful completion. If well planned, everything should go smoothly at this stage. Sometimes however, even the best laid plans can go awry due to factors outside of your control. This is where we shine. Our experience and adaptive approach helps us handle surprises, manage risks while maintaining project timelines.


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