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Rendering of a 3D printed building designed by Scoolpt

A New Era in 
Construction Automation

A New Era in 
Construction Automation

A New Era in 
Construction Automation

A New Era in 
Construction Automation

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Rendering of a retaining wall with elevated design

One of a Kind

We are using construction automation to design and construct outdoor spaces. This technology allows for the crafting of intricate designs, from sculptural elements to functional structures, with precision and efficiency. Beyond its capacity for creating bespoke and captivating aesthetic elements, construction automation significantly reduces material wastage and offers speedier project completion times.  


We are offering a revolutionary approach to homebuilding.

This cutting-edge technology enables the swift and precise creation of houses, tailored to the specific needs of the client. With the ability to construct complex architectural features with reduced labor and material costs, construction automation promises a unique solution.

Rendering of a retaining wall with inserted plants
Design of a 3d printed jersey barrier


As the construction industry seeks innovative solutions to create unique and sustainable environments, construction automation  emerges as the tool that blends artistry with state-of-the-art technology, ushering in a new era of structural design. Using construction automation, we are using these techniques to streamline the construction process, offering replicable service, leading to quicker construction times, saving on labour and material costs while offering consistent results.



Construction is an industry that’s made relatively little progress, still using century-old technologies and processes. There have been gradual efforts made, but no significant revolution in overall project scale practice. Horizon Legacy has launched into the use of construction automation to create one of a kind, residential, and industrial structures by developing new automation tools that will be accessible to construction professionals.



After two decades, Horizon Legacy is the name behind the conception, construction, finance and operation of more than $150M of wind, run of river hydro and solar energy projects in Canada, and the US. 



Horizon Legacy spent seven decades building, financing and operating complex long term infrastructure projects. Including developing Toronto's first high rises East of Yonge Street. When we saw the potential of green energy, we leveraged our experience corralling multiple stakeholders around a shared complex to transform the future.

Photo of Horizon lab in Toronto

Research & Development Lab

The Construction Automation Lab is slated to be fully operational by the end of 2023. We are dedicated to Research and Development for Construction Automation technologies and processes.


Horizon Legacy invites collaboration from like-minded organizations, academia, and industry experts who share the vision of transforming the construction sector through automation and advanced technologies.

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