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Rendering of beautiful 3d printed chairs and a table


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Where to find us:

Billing Address:

60 St Clair Ave E Suite 403, Toronto, ON M4T 1N5

Construction Automation Lab:

123 Garratt Blvd, North York, ON M3K 1M4 


Office: (416) 864 9977

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Our Process

Providing Everything You Need

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To maximize efficiency and to make sure we fully understand a project before the consultation, we offer a thorough quote request form so we can do any background research necessary to give the best timelines and budgets to customers. We create basic budget models, brainstorm potential challenges and roadblocks, identify and consult with potential stakeholders. If there are no show stoppers, the project can move on to the next phase.

In this stage, more detailed and specific information is gathered about the project including project drawings, photos, and one on one meetings to fully understand the project. More resources are committed to develop the project timeline, detailed project requirements are outlined, budgets are developed. Any challenges identified earlier in the process are discussed and strategies are developed to address those challenges, including evaluating whether to print on the project site or at our lab in Toronto.


Once the project advances beyond the planning stage, we are committed to the project’s successful completion. We will review project timeline, budget, and deliverables. Bringing in further consultants, engineers, designers, contractors, or other experts to help us hit the project milestones.

Project Outline

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60 St Clair Ave E Suite 403,

Toronto, ON M4T 1N5

(416) 864-9977

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