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A New Era in 
Construction Automation

Construction is an industry that’s made relatively little progress in advancing the use of technology. Horizon Legacy has launched into the use of construction automation to create one of a kind, residential, and industrial structures by developing new automation tools that will be accessible to construction professionals.



Solve Labour Shortage

Robots can be used to supplement the existing labour shortage so the existing work force can do what people are good at: creativity, making decision & thinking.


Increase Productivity & Competitiveness

Robots outperform humans in speed, endurance, and precision, enhancing product and service quality. Employing robots in construction can boost Canadian business competitiveness, allowing faster, more cost-effective, and higher-quality production, and driving market expansion.



Robotic systems can be quickly replicated, deployed, and duplicated to hundreds and thousands of systems, enabling the faster construction of buildings and infrastructure. 


Organic Shapes & Forms

Empowering architects and designers to envision and realize structures with unique and imaginative shapes, previously considered too complex or costly to build using traditional methods.

Rendering of elevated design for a jersey barrier

from a new perspective

Unleash your creativity with
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