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  • What is the life expectancy of material?
    Based on our internal testing, the quality is anticipated to be the same as regular concrete
  • Is there a warranty on material?
    Minimum warranty of one year, but is based on project by project basis
  • Does the material come in different colours?
    Finishes and colour can be added after print is complete. Customers can also paint the walls.
  • Is there a waitlist? When can you start?
    Fill out a form for a quote
  • What if permits are required?
    It is the client’s responsibility to obtain any permits or investigate other requirements needed
  • When did you start 3D printing?
    Horizon Legacy started researching 3D printing in 2020. Read more about our company history in our "About Us" page
  • How detailed are the prints?
    The prints can achieve 1cm resolution
  • Is 3D printing more environmentally friendly?
    In comparison to other traditional concrete construction – yes, there is 30% less concrete waste. Compared to traditional construction there is also a reduction in waste in wood form work.
  • What is the minimum or maximum size I can print?
    Individual layers can be as thin as 8mm in height, and 40 mm in width. These values can be increased for larger prints to 24mm in height and 130 mm in width.
  • What are the operating temperatures of the material (can you print up north, in cold temp, or extremely hot)?
    Once cured the material is not affected by extreme cold or heat. Temperatures during printing must be above 5 degrees Celsius.
  • What is the density of the material?
    2,400 kg per cubic m
  • How does the materials' performance compare to traditional concrete?
    Our material went through compressive strength tests and was found to be equivalent to traditional concrete. In a structural application, it is equal to concrete and brick.
  • How long would it take to print a wall?
    A 3m x 3m wall would take 53 minutes to print.

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