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Construction Begins on 3D printed neighborhood

Building permits have been granted and construction is starting for Canada’s First and Largest 3D printed neighborhood. 5 buildings, each two storeys high, will be built in the waterfront community of Gananoque, Ontario.

Developed and funded by the Horizon Legacy Group as part of the Marco Polo 100 Digital Build Challenge, an international competition to build a multi-residential building for $100/sq feet using innovative technologies and processes. The project’s goal is to solve the global affordable housing crisis while pioneering the use of robotics and automation in construction. Each building has a unique design and strategy for incorporating 3D printing and robotics with traditional construction methods.

As Gananoque’s local representative, I know Ontario’s housing crisis is more than just a big-city problem,” said Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing of Ontario and MPP for Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes. “Innovative solutions and approaches are critical to build quality and attainable housing at the rate our province needs, and I am pleased to see this innovation taking place right here in our community.”

Our team has demonstrated that the technology can meet Ontario Building Code requirements,” says Anthony Zwig, President and CEO of Horizon. “We are moving the technology to deployment on a commercial scale”.

Each building is approximately 1400 sq feet with one bachelor, one 1 bedroom, and one 2 bedroom for a total of 15 units. 30% of the units, up to 5, will be allocated as affordable units according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation definitions. The neighborhood will be owned by the Horizon Legacy Group and made available as rental apartments.

I look forward to seeing this project create a new way of using innovative technologies to build affordable housing. I am pleased to see that 30% of the units, up to 5, will be made available as affordable units for rentals for much needed residents and seniors,” says Ted Lojko, Mayor of Gananoque. “I remain committed to doing everything possible to help those in need and I am thankful for Horizon Legacy choosing the Town of Gananoque to build their model homes,” he continues.

This fall, site preparations begin for road, powerlines, and foundations. Construction of the buildings is expected to begin in spring 2023. Buttcon Limited has been selected as general contractor for construction of the five buildings.

It has been our absolute pleasure to work with the Town of Gananoque and the whole team to plan this project. We have partners who shares our belief in construction innovation,” says Frank Belerique, Vice President of Operations.


  • The Marco Polo 100 Digital Build Challenge is an international technology competition to solve affordable housing using new technologies and processes. Horizon Legacy Group, backers of the competition, is investing up to $10M and offering cash prizes and royalties to the winning submissions.

  • Over 400 registrations from nearly 60 countries were received in Stage 1. The final teams selected have each designed a Small Building demonstrating their construction technology innovation

  • Buttcon is a 100% employee owned Canadian General Contractor who is recognized for high quality workmanship, innovative solutions and a fine-tuned ability to fast-track projects.


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