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Construction Automation Lab

Horizon Legacy Group, a leading developer of large infrastructure projects, is thrilled to announce the establishment of a new Construction Automation Lab in Toronto, Canada. The lab will serve as a hub for cutting-edge research and development in the field of construction automation, revolutionizing the industry and solving the problem of labour shortages currently experienced in Canada and globally.

The Construction Automation Lab will be located in the heart of Toronto, a 370 acre site known as Downsview Airport and the future home of a vibrant new community with 50,000 new units of housing to be built. This provides an ideal environment for collaboration with top-notch experts, academic institutions, and industry partners. This strategic location will facilitate Horizon's mission to bring innovative automation solutions to the construction sector and tackle the industry's most pressing challenges.

The lab will focus on several key areas of construction automation:

Robotics and 3D printing: Horizon aims to conduct research and development for on-site and off-site robotic and 3D printing systems. These advancements can reduce waste, increase productivity, and improve safety on construction sites.

End to end construction integration: The lab will serve as a playground for Horizon and its growing ecosystem of partners to improve construction planning and design processes using automation technologies. By optimizing processes and workflows, projects can be completed more efficiently, saving time and resources.

Sustainable Materials and Green Technologies: In the future, Horizon would like to develop and test eco-friendly construction materials and technologies that reduce environmental impact, promoting sustainable building practices and contributing to a greener future.

Nhung Nguyen, CEO at Horizon Legacy Group, expressed her excitement about this transformative venture, stating, "Our Construction Automation Lab represents a significant milestone for our company and an evolution for the construction industry in Canada. By strategic use of robotics and automation, we have the chance to meaningfully address the labour shortage problem in our industry, create new types of jobs and new ways to build. We aim to modernize traditional construction practices, making them more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly. Toronto's vibrant tech ecosystem and Downsview Park is the perfect place to drive this innovation forward."

The Construction Automation Lab is slated to be fully operational by the end of 2023. Horizon invites collaboration from like-minded organizations, academia, and industry experts who share the vision of transforming the construction sector through automation and advanced technologies.

For media inquiries, interviews, or further information about the Construction Automation Lab, please contact:

Claire Belerique

Marketing Manager


About Horizon Legacy:

Horizon Legacy Group is a developer of large-scale infrastructure projects and committed to driving innovation in the construction industry. With a legacy spanning 70 years in Canada, Horizon has developed over 6 million sq ft of real estate and a portfolio of renewable energy projects. Horizon is pioneering the use of robots on a construction site by building the largest 3D printed neighborhood in Canada, located in Gananoque Ontario. Through the Construction Automation Lab, Horizon Legacy aims to continue its tradition of innovation excellence while embracing the future of construction.


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